Examine the different types of annuities and see if an annuity is the right fit for your retirement portfolio.

Annuity Lies And How They May Impact Your Future

My head is healing up nicely now. It gets better when I stop beating it against the wall in my office. My business partners have grown to recognize the thumping, pounding sound. It’s just an occupational hazard that comes with being in the retirement income planning business. I sell annuities. “Did you know that running [...]

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Why Annuities?

Annuities have a long history of successful retirement income planning, dating all the way back to the Roman Empire in A.D. 225! Simply put, an annuity is a guaranteed payment for a certain period of time, more commonly a lifetime. Ensuring the recipient of the payment never outlives their money and has a guaranteed income [...]

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Watch Those Comparisons

Which is better, a hammer or a screwdriver? It depends on what you are trying to accomplish, doesn’t it? Both of them can be wonderful, or both of them can be useless. And even though you are comparing similar things (tools), it all depends on the task at hand, doesn’t it? Now, which is better, [...]

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Which Annuity Is Right For You?

Part 3 Last week I wrote about the different annuities that are available and the difference between them. This week, I hope to describe who may be best suited for each annuity. Fixed Annuity – As I wrote, this annuity earns a fixed rate of return. This annuity is best suited for someone who does [...]

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What Do Different Annuities Offer?

Part 2: Last week I wrote about what the experts think about annuities; how leaders such as Tony Robbins, Suze Orman, Dr. David Babbel, after doing much research, state that for the right person, at the right time, the right annuity can be very beneficial to enhance one’s retirement. So, what is the right annuity? [...]

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Buy Guarantees Not Promises

In the world of insurance, guarantees matter.  Consider the state of the insurance industry, what is guaranteed anymore?  Care insurance premiums are not guaranteed, just have a ticket or an accident and see what happens to your future premiums.  The same with Liability policies, fire insurance and almost any other category of third-party protection. Insurance [...]

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How Fixed Indexed Annuities Offer Guaranteed Income And Avoid Market Risk

From time to time clients ask me for an analogy about what Fixed Indexed Annuities are and how insurance carriers can provide upside potential and growth while insulating the annuity owner from downside market risks. An analogy from the world of real estate investing may help understand the concept. Many real estate investors would be [...]

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