Beware Of The Future Cost Of Medical Care

Two things have happened that cause great concern for our future medical care.  Both costs and health care itself are in peril. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the amount of medical cost reimbursements paid to providers by Medicare has been reduced.  In other words, less from Medicare, more out of pocket [...]

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Medicare Out Of Pocket Spending

As more and more seniors evolve into retirement, the need of Medicare as the primary source of health insurance becomes paramount.  With recent changes to Medicare reimbursement dictated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) the unknown amount out of pocket expense Medicare enrollees will be faced with becomes unclear.  Once a retiree becomes dependent on fixed income, [...]

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Healthcare And The Baby Boomers

For over 100 years the discussion of a national health care system in America has been both a hot and cold discussion. As president, Theodore Roosevelt first suggested the idea of a health care system that would be available for all Americans. In fact as a candidate for president, a national health care plan was [...]

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Baby Boomers Will Be Have To Pay A Higher Percentage For Their Medical Care

Recently a large financial services company suggested that each retiree beginning at age 65 and using Medicare as their chosen health insurance protection vehicle could face an out of pocket expense of over $240,000 during their lifetime. The amount needed is expected to be a huge factor in determining how much should be set aside [...]

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