The Affordable Care Act Is Losing Medical Support

By Bill Broich What was meant as the savior of the uninsured and those who cannot afford health insurance, ACA, is in trouble. The trouble is not finding folks who need and want the insurance, it is finding health care providers who will accept the insurance for medical services. A good friend of mine was Read more >>

The Death Spiral of the American Health Insurance System

By Bill Broich Recently, updates on the actual cost of the Affordable Care Act has disclosed severe issues that could cost the American taxpayer billions.  The report has gone on to include that actual cost in both Medicare expense and user expenses unexpectedly have increased.  What went wrong? We had predicted that insurance rates would Read more >>

The Federal Reserve and the Federal Open Market Committee

By Bill Broich Does the “Fed” seem as mysterious to you as it does to me?  Founded in 1913 (Wikipedia: the Fed, is a Federally created agency but owned by private entities.  There is an enormous amount of information about the Fed in numerous locations, including the link above. Have you ever heard of a Read more >>

The History Of Life Insurance Ancient And Modern.

By Bill Broich The history of life insurance is dated by many as far back as before the time of Christ. History tells us that in 100 B.C. a Roman military official named  Caius Marius, established  a burial account for his Roman troops. The plan was simple, when a member died, other group members would Read more >>

Why You Should Always Welcome an Audit.

By Bill Broich Have you ever considered the benefit of an audit? Not an IRS audit but a life insurance audit. As our life evolves and changes, so may our need for life insurance. Possibly a policy was purchased to cover a mortgage obligation and now that is not the situation. We change, and we Read more >>

Big Increases In Health Insurance Premiums Planned for 2016

By Bill Broich I wrote about this several weeks ago, the real danger to our Baby Boomers, an increase in the cost of health insurance premiums for those using the Affordable Care Act. This was poised to happen because the cost of health care has a never ending increase in expense. With Medicare trying to Read more >>

High Returns Possible With Indexed Universal Life

One secret not many know is this, insurance risk is never shouldered by any one company, no matter how big or how small the promised benefit may be. The ads you see on TV showing a healthy male can pay just $40 a month to protect his family with a $500,000 death benefit is really a whole bunch of companies banded together to help each other spread out any claim. This is known in the insurance trade as re-insurance.

The ABC of Medicare Planning

Medicare: How do we sign up? What is part A, B – what to select? What is included in Medicare benefits, and how do we decide on the options?

Should I Buy Long Term Care Insurance?

Most people are just not prepared to deal with the expense and life change a LTC situation would bring. Costs can easily exceed $7,000 a month or more and frankly most people just can’t afford the expense.

Health Issues and Life Insurance

Health issues such as diabetes, weight problems, smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, even if applicants have suffered a heart attack in the past can now be considered for insurance. Information from medical science is now available through many more sources and a fresh understanding of life expectancy makes life insurance underwriting more complete.

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