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About Jim Junge

Jim has assisted countless federal and private employees navigate through their various retirement strategies and benefits. The core of his philosophy is that “retirement money should never be put at risk”. Web Site: benefitservicesgroup.retirevillage.com

Office: 916.212.4040 | Benefit Services Group

Simplifying Retirement Income Planning

Simplifying Retirement Income Planning (and eliminating: "so what’s the catch?” )  Planning for one’s retirement is not nearly as complicated and confusing as you have been led to believe.  You just need to understand how to overcome the “catch,” as in, “so what’s the catch?” Yes, we’ve all been told, if not instructed, that planning for [...]

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The Retirement Question

At a recent Social Security workshop, I presented I was asked the question on every baby-boomer’s mind these days, “What should I do with my retirement funds with all this volatility in the stock market?” The answer is not simple, but is not as complex as many would have you believe.  The question “assumes” a [...]

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