Maximize Your Pension And Take Better Care Of Your Spouse.

Many pension programs both in the private and public sector offer a “Spousal Survivor Benefit.” If the primary pensioner dies first—the spouse gets a percentage, usually not all, of the regular monthly pension received before death. If selected, this nice benefit comes at a not-so-nice cost. The provider of the monthly pension is now going [...]

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Does Tax Deferred Growth Make Sense For You?

The definition of tax-deferred growth is this: An investment in which some or all taxes are paid at a future date, rather than in the year the investment produces income. When comparing tax-deferred accounts with annual taxable accounts, several factors need to be considered: · How soon will the funds be needed? · Are these [...]

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Retirement Planning May Require Outside Of The Box Thinking

I am about to start teaching retirement planning to a group of 20 somethings.  Why?  Believe it or not, that is when the first steps should be taken to a successful retirement.     However, there is a stumbling block for this age group; they don’t have a lot of disposable income to put into a [...]

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Beware Of The Future Cost Of Medical Care

Two things have happened that cause great concern for our future medical care.  Both costs and health care itself are in peril. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the amount of medical cost reimbursements paid to providers by Medicare has been reduced.  In other words, less from Medicare, more out of pocket [...]

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Open MIC July 13, 2017

Our plans FOR Open MIC this summer is this: Open MIC July 20th July 27th After July 27th, Open MIC will be on Hiatus until after Labor Day.  If anything, important happens that affects your leads, the DOL, the annuity industry, we will reach out via: Email notification, vis Open MIC News (email me and [...]

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More Americans Are Drifting Into And Dying In Poverty

According to 2014 census data, 10% of those 65 and older fell below the official poverty measure. That number rose to 14.4% by 2016. A big reason for this is that older people are more likely to use costly services like staying overnight in a hospital or in a skilled nursing home. What is most distressing about [...]

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Open MIC 3-17-16 Stock Market Manipulation

Our brand can be your brand”     Cypress grove at Pt Reyes Light House, planted in 1857 Thank you for joining us on Open MIC   9:00: AM Pacific Thursday 800 504-8071 Code is 2554567#.   David Townsend at   Anthony Owen at    Chad Owen at   Bill Broich at [...]

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Boston College Report about Medicare Drug Program

Boston College Report about Medicare Drug Program If you have been wondering about the new Medicare Drug Program, you are not alone. Singularly, this new change in Medicare signifies an attitude towards those needing the service and those who are able to pay. Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research’s recent report noted key findings such [...]

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