Social Security Will Run Out of Money

I know that is a broad and concerning statement, and one intended to cause the reader to investigate further.  Actually, the new research report from Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research provides us with fresh and actionable information. If current spending, without tax adjustment, continues, in 2034, benefits will need to be reduced by 25%.  [...]

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Depression And Worry For Baby Boomers

Among all Americans, 55% figure they’ll have to work longer than they want to because they won’t be able to afford retirement. And the baby boomers are not alone; we are in sync with the next two generations following us. On top of concern over having sufficient retirement income there is health expense concerns. Among those still working, fear of medical expense covered by Medicare as the baby boomer transfers from company sponsored (or private) insurance coverage becomes a huge concern. And of course there are inflation concerns. The current rate of inflation hovers around 2.2% annually that seems reasonable until you realize the government (through the Consumer Price Index) does not include food or energy in that calculation.

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