Retirement Planning

Worry and Concern Over Medical Costs And Expenses

By Bill Broich 1 in 3 Can Barely Afford Medical Care My favorite market is people who are generally overlooked by brokers, people that don’t have investment counselors, people with a lower net worth. The reason?  Our products with their guarantees become very important to them. Along with issues of income and worry regarding having Read more >>

Wall Street’s Latest Attempt To Create An Annuity: Bond Tents

By Bill Broich It never ceases to amaze me to what lengths Wall Street will go to with their products to make them pretend to be an annuity. Remember, all brokers want to do is make changes in your portfolio for if they can. The more changes, the more opportunities for compensation. It walks like Read more >>

Why Buy An IRA When An Annuity Is Better?

By Bill Broich The Federal Budget needs money, spending will not go down, the deficit will increase. The federal government must find more sources of revenue through taxation. Should those saving for retirement chooses an IRA? If you closely examine the benefits of an IRA and the benefits of an annuity, the obvious choice is Read more >>

The IRS Tightens Control Over Your IRA

The IRS wants as much control over your IRA as possible: New rules tighten grip. In the past, if you were the owner of an IRA, you were free to move your funds as much as you wished. As an example, if one bank had a higher interest rate, you simply transferred the funds. Now, Read more >>

Don’t Miss These Important Deductions

By Bill Broich If you are retired or nearing retirement, these deductions can make a huge difference in how much money you will have available to you. Talking advantage of legal and available deductions is smart retirement planning. Taxes can be very complicated, please ask for licensed and authorized help before making any final decisions. Read more >>

Retirement Saving Balances In 401(k)s Is Dropping

By Bill Broich Almost 66% of Americans are in danger of having sufficient funds for retirement. A recent research report calculates that the U.S. retirement savings levels in both qualified accounts and bank account is nearly in a crisis mode. One of the more shocking fact uncovered was that the average working household has virtually Read more >>

Income Options For Retirement

By Bill Broich Considering income options for retirement? Numerous options exist to help you make sure you receive the maximum income for your available retirement dollar.  Many of these options have market risk associated with them.  On the list below, I have marked negative points on each option to make sure you see both sides.  Read more >>

The Case for Private Pensions

By Bill Broich David March had worked for a trucking company in Ohio for 33 years.  He and his will Sarah had saved and planned for their retirement, being a member of the blue color labor force has meant Dave and Sarah were planning on his company retirement plan.  His company had put in place Read more >>

Women Are Not Equal to Men in Retirement

By Bill Broich A recent report from National Institute on Retirement shows shocking results regarding women in retirement. The report that women in retirement are 80% more likely than men to be impoverished. The reasons are obvious, throughout a women’s working life their income is lower, less is contributed to Social Security for retirement and Read more >>

Fear And Ignorance In Retirement Planning

By Bill Broich A recent report from the American College illustrates the lack of information and knowledge most Americans have when it comes to their financial lives.  This can become a significant problem for those working towards a retirement that has enough funds to make the “golden” years “golden.” The simple fact that so many Read more >>

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