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A Contemporary Twist On Little Red Riding Hood

One day Little Red Riding Hood was walking across town to her Grandma’s house. She was carrying her favorite basket which she always used when bringing things to Grandma’s, except today in the basket she would be carrying something very, very valuable and important—in the basket would be Grandma’s life savings. Grandma was retiring after [...]

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        Time: That period between which something happens or exists. It is measurable, it is meaningful, it rules our daily lives, each second, minute, hour, and day…usually kept track of via a time instrument, a watch, a clock, or a calendar.  Virtually everything is a measurement of time.  Time can be referred [...]

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Understanding Your T.S.P. Options and Decisions.

Longevity Risk, Investment Risk Withdrawal Options, IRS Life-Span, Assumed Growth, Payment Adjustments Control of Assets, Beneficiaries T.S.P Modernization Act of 2017   When you retire, there are some decisions to consider that will impact the financial quality of your future years.  For Federal and USPS employees, nothing is more critical than managing your TSP funds properly.  [...]

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If You Don’t Get What You Want: Sue Them

Kentucky state employees recently filed suit against several private equity firms and their failure to provide rates of returns as expected. According to the lawsuit, Kentucky Retirement Systems, invested between $1.2 billion and $1.5 billion, with: • Blackstone Group • KKR • Capital Partners and • Pacific Alternative in August 2011. Based on the sales [...]

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It’s All About Planning

When it comes to tax planning, many people don’t know all their options.  And therefore, I tell my clients that it is imperative that I work with their CPA to make sure that I can give my clients the highest income possible while paying the least amount of taxes. I see different areas of tax [...]

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Healthcare Is The Biggest Social Issue Of The 21st Century

Please pay attention: The most significant problem facing retirees is not the cost of the insurance, it is the cost of medical reimbursements from Medicare. Our Government has to reduce spending somewhere! Seeing a doctor for a medical issue is covered by Medicare, but what is happening is the amount paid to the medical care [...]

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The Biggest Problem Facing Retirees Is Medicare Reimbursements

We watch TV, read the news, use social media to keep informed, but doesn’t it always seem like the terrible things are happening elsewhere? Three things happened to me recently over the Thanksgiving break, things that you should make you pay attention. Please pay attention: The most significant problem facing retirees is not the cost of [...]

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Simplifying Retirement Income Planning

Simplifying Retirement Income Planning (and eliminating: "so what’s the catch?” )  Planning for one’s retirement is not nearly as complicated and confusing as you have been led to believe.  You just need to understand how to overcome the “catch,” as in, “so what’s the catch?” Yes, we’ve all been told, if not instructed, that planning for [...]

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