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Open MIC 3-17-16 Stock Market Manipulation

Our brand can be your brand”     Cypress grove at Pt Reyes Light House, planted in 1857 Thank you for joining us on Open MIC   9:00: AM Pacific Thursday 800 504-8071 Code is 2554567#.   David Townsend at   Anthony Owen at    Chad Owen at   Bill Broich at Read more >>

Open MIC May 6 2015

                 “Our brand can be your brand” What looks likle a photoshop dream sequence is actually an iphone photo (un re-touched) of our daughter Annie (left) and her best friend, Alyssa Jensen, at the Bolivian Salt Flats. It took them 3 days to travel across (part) of it, fortunatly there were camping outposts and Read more >>

12-04-14 Social Security Updates for 2015

Blogging is important for building relationships and generating leads.  Changes for social security for 2015 are announced. Editorial about SEC “Sunshine” laws.  Joe Rych discusses the Off Week drip and how to generate sales using Retire Village.  David Winer shows us how he made a $1,000,ooo sale.  6 ways to remove funds from a 401(K). Read more >>

11-13-14 Fin Auction New Lead Map

Super agent Al Martinez interview. Fin Auction shows off new lead map. NAFA response to Fool article. click here for 11-13-14 open mic notes

9-25-14 Perfect case design with Anthony Owen.

Fin Auction lead webinar. iPhone apps for advisors. Back-casting of index performance. Bankrate and back end fees on 401(k). 401(k) transparency and fee disclosure. Perfect case design with Anthony Owens. Click here for 9-25 14 open mic notes

9-18-14 Anatomy of a $455,000 annuity sale with Betty Arellano

NAFA has an opinion on licensing. Variable annuities and the risk factor. Use Advertorials for additional lead generation. Anatomy of a $455,000 sale with Betty Arellano. Click here for 9-18-14 open mic notes

8-21-14 Are Fixed Indexed Annuities safe?

Quantative easing QE3. Indexed annui9ties are they safe? SEC goes after wrap fees. Retire Village and Daily Lead Log.  Understanding social security kit. Click here for 8-21-14 open mic notes

8-14-14 Jason P. Krohnke interview

Interview with Jason P. Krohnke from American Equity. American Equity Lifetime Income Benefit Rider. Volatility Control Index. Click here for 8-14-14 open mic notes

8-7-14 Super agent Rick Hahn shares his business views.

The best sales occupation is selling annuities.  7 important facts about annuities. Americans are living longer as health care costs rise. Social presence is key to growing your business. Understand the pros and cons of bond laddering. Sat thank you with UC Berkeley Wellness Letter. Super agent Rick Hahn shares his business vision. Click here Read more >>

7-13-14 Stock market bubble

Look out for the falling stock market. New California suitability law. Sherilyn Orr and David Winers annuity rate system. Most Americans don’t understand annuities. click here for 7-31-14 open mic notes