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Promises And Guarantees Are Not The Same Thing

In the old movie, The Road to Morocco, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope show their pure comedic brilliance.  One of the best parts of the movie is when they become lost in a Moroccan desert and see a mirage, the outcome is hilarious.  Of course, the illusion is not real, and they end up quite [...]

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Where Should You Invest Your Money? Answer These 8 Basic Questions

 When people think about saving and investing money the first question they ask: "What should I invest my money in?" To answer that question the following questions should be answered: What do I want the money to accomplish? You may need extra income to cover your monthly current expenses. Or to pay for a child's [...]

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Should You Invest In Gold? Consider These Pros and Cons

For centuries gold has been an asset that many have used as their basis for wealth.  Ownership of gold also means you own a direct relationship to volatility. No other asset in the past hundred years has reflected volatility more than gold. If you are concerned at all about volatility, especially with your important retirement funds that must remain [...]

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Brexit Means Volatility

With the announcement of the United Kingdom (UK) leaving the European Union (EU), markets around the world lost $2 trillion in value, instantly.  The question that everyone is asking, what does it really mean?  How does the UK divorce from the EU really affect me?  One thing is for certain, in the short term, volatility [...]

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Invisible Fees In Mutual Funds

Transparency in the financial world has traditionally been lacking. As information sources have increased, along with it has come more chances to look behind the curtain. The mutual fund industry in America is huge, most all Americans have or currently do use these products for accumulating funds for retirement and many other uses. Mutual funds [...]

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Use The Bank Ladder Approach To Increase Yield On Your Bank Deposits

This simple and yet efficient approach to solving interest rate volatility can work for you.  It involves an annual maintenance on the investor’s part and the ability to use the internet for available interest rates.  Never allow anyone to charge you for this approach to bank deposits, do it yourself.  There are numerous options available [...]

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Is the Stock Market Being Artificially Manipulated?

I have always wondered what it might be like to be an insider at Wall Street, to be able to know secrets before others, to have a head start in trends and events. I am not talking about “insider” information, I am speaking about the “old boys” club. A recent article in Bloomberg Business gave [...]

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The Pros and Cons Of Investing and Owning Gold

Throughout history, gold has easily been the most alluring of possessions. For almost 10 millenniums, gold has been the standard of all financial wealth. That was also true for almost 200 years in the United States until President Nixon removed the US from the gold standard. Nevertheless, gold is as desirable today as it has [...]

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