Financial Planning

Old New And New News Are Still The Same News

By Rick Hahn It may be “old” news (anything older than 30 days is old news), but the recent Wells Fargo scandal highlights the need for more Wall Street scrutiny. Wells Fargo, one of the oldest, most respected names in the brokerage business got it’s hand caught in the cookie jar. Over 5000 advisors nationwide involved in Read more >>

Why Interest Rates Are Low And Will Stay That Way

By Bill Broich Well, at least for awhile. The simple answer is this, the lower the interest rate, the lower the payment obligations.  Based on that concept….. America has successfully refinanced its national debt from higher interest rates to lower interest rates.  88.5% of all national debt is now 10 years or shorter.  This is Read more >>

The Flip Phone Evolution To ROBO Advisors

By Bill Broich Remember when we all had flip cell phones? That technology has been replaced with newer better “smartphones.” It wasn’t that long ago that this revolution began and now each year we eagerly await the latest edition of iPhone 10. This has been accomplished in less than 10 years, 10 years of a Read more >>

Assets Under Management Fees and Expenses

By Bill Broich In the past, financial planners, stock brokers and financial advisors used assets under management as a revenue source.  It works this way:  the client has $500,000 invested with the advisor and even though some of the assets may have been acquired with some level of load (sales charge) the advisor charges a Read more >>

Robo Advisors And The Loss Of Customer Service

The financial industry is re-training their customer base to accept robo-advisors as actual customer service. What is the cost to consumers?

Where Will You Be in 10 Years?

When you look into your crystal ball, where do you want to be in 10 years? Do you plan to be retired? Still working at a job you love or hate? The bigger question is: WILL you have enough money in retirement and is your retirement account sustainable?

The Best and Safest Investment You Can Make

There are three different types of conservative investments. This article shows you the best and safest.

How to Actually Plan for Retirement

Tips to solidify a real retirement plan.

Are You Ready If The Market Crashes?

How to prepare for the next stock market crash.

What is the color of your money — Red or Green?

Has a financial professional ever asked you what the color of your money is? Many investors are unfamiliar with this terminology. Most individuals have not heard of this because their financial advisers are more interested in discussing the specifics of a certain product rather than how you will benefit from that product. What I see is that focusing on product versus color can have a negative impact on your retirement.

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