Elder Abuse And Tax Scam Issues

By Bill Broich Regardless of what happens with the DOL ruling and other regulatory issues, one thing will become more and more relevant in our business.  Congress, the individual states and local agencies will turn a hard focus on elder abuse.    Elder abuse is increasing, at least the reporting of it is.  In the California Read more >>

Avoid Identity Theft; Learn How to Recognize Phishing Scams

Simply ask for it. That’s the easiest way for an identity thief to steal your personal information. Each day, people fall victim to phishing scams through emails, texts or phone calls and mistakenly turn over important data. In turn, cybercriminals try to use that data to file fraudulent tax returns or commit other crimes. The Read more >>

Wall Street’s Latest Attempt To Create An Annuity: Bond Tents

By Bill Broich It never ceases to amaze me to what lengths Wall Street will go to with their products to make them pretend to be an annuity. Remember, all brokers want to do is make changes in your portfolio for if they can. The more changes, the more opportunities for compensation. It walks like Read more >>

Why Buy An IRA When An Annuity Is Better?

By Bill Broich The Federal Budget needs money, spending will not go down, the deficit will increase. The federal government must find more sources of revenue through taxation. Should those saving for retirement chooses an IRA? If you closely examine the benefits of an IRA and the benefits of an annuity, the obvious choice is Read more >>

To Be Or Not To Be: What Is An Annuity?

By Bill Broich Guarantees or a future guess, which would you choose? Annuities are annuities, right?  The term annuity when used as a noun can mean two entirely different products. According to Investopedia, the definition of an annuity is: An annuity is a contractual financial product sold by financial institutions that is designed to accept Read more >>

Ask Questions To Find The Best Annuity For You

By Bill Broich Questions can be your strongest asset when considering your important retirement money. Asking how, what, when, where and why can lead to dramatic results when asking about money. • How are my important retirement funds going to respond to market risk? • What are my options for eliminating unnecessary market risk? • Read more >>

Big Changes Coming To Estate Tax Planning

By Bill Broich A very significant thing has recently happened regarding estate taxes.  The significance of this chance is far reaching, the agent that grasps this will be far ahead of the competition.  Not only will this rule change make a huge difference is how estates are handled in regards to estate tax liability, it Read more >>

More Americans Are Drifting Into And Dying In Poverty

By Bill Broich According to 2014 census data, 10% of those 65 and older fell below the official poverty measure. That number rose to 14.4% by 2016. A big reason for this is that older people are more likely to use costly services like staying overnight in a hospital or in a skilled nursing home. What is Read more >>

Are You Concerned About Leaving Your Heirs Lump Sum Money?

By Bill Broich Need income and want to provide for your heirs?  Here is a simple method of accomplishing both goals.   Many people are very concerned about leaving a large amount of money to their children. They are concerned that the money may be spent foolishly and their children would be in trouble financially. If Read more >>

Why Interest Rates Are Low And Will Stay That Way

By Bill Broich Well, at least for awhile. The simple answer is this, the lower the interest rate, the lower the payment obligations.  Based on that concept….. America has successfully refinanced its national debt from higher interest rates to lower interest rates.  88.5% of all national debt is now 10 years or shorter.  This is Read more >>

Four More Reasons Rolling Over to an Annuity IRA Makes Sense

Commentary By Kim O’Brien InsuranceNewsNet Last week we discussed four reasons why rolling employer-sponsored funds into annuities make sense and help consumers to better prepare for retirement. This week we bring you four more. But first, let’s refresh our memories. The first four reasons were: CONTROL: Annuities put the CONSUMER in control of savings choices, Read more >>

Glass, Toilet Paper And Cell Phones

By Bill Broich What does glass, toilet paper and cell phones all have in common? The answer is this; 3 large American companies have turned to annuities to offset uncertainty in their pension obligations. PPG Industries, Kimberley Clark and Verizon are only 3 examples of large companies buying their way out of unknown future pension Read more >>

Social Security Will Run Out of Money

By Bill Broich I know that is a broad and concerning statement, and one intended to cause the reader to investigate further.  Actually, the new research report from Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research provides us with fresh and actionable information. If current spending, without tax adjustment, continues, in 2034, benefits will need to be Read more >>

Brexit Means Volatility

By Bill Broich With the announcement of the United Kingdom (UK) leaving the European Union (EU), markets around the world lost $2 trillion in value, instantly.  The question that everyone is asking, what does it really mean?  How does the UK divorce from the EU really affect me?  One thing is for certain, in the Read more >>

The IRS Tightens Control Over Your IRA

The IRS wants as much control over your IRA as possible: New rules tighten grip. In the past, if you were the owner of an IRA, you were free to move your funds as much as you wished. As an example, if one bank had a higher interest rate, you simply transferred the funds. Now, Read more >>

Don’t Miss These Important Deductions

By Bill Broich If you are retired or nearing retirement, these deductions can make a huge difference in how much money you will have available to you. Talking advantage of legal and available deductions is smart retirement planning. Taxes can be very complicated, please ask for licensed and authorized help before making any final decisions. Read more >>

Retirement Saving Balances In 401(k)s Is Dropping

By Bill Broich Almost 66% of Americans are in danger of having sufficient funds for retirement. A recent research report calculates that the U.S. retirement savings levels in both qualified accounts and bank account is nearly in a crisis mode. One of the more shocking fact uncovered was that the average working household has virtually Read more >>

Income Options For Retirement

By Bill Broich Considering income options for retirement? Numerous options exist to help you make sure you receive the maximum income for your available retirement dollar.  Many of these options have market risk associated with them.  On the list below, I have marked negative points on each option to make sure you see both sides.  Read more >>

The Affordable Care Act Is Losing Medical Support

By Bill Broich What was meant as the savior of the uninsured and those who cannot afford health insurance, ACA, is in trouble. The trouble is not finding folks who need and want the insurance, it is finding health care providers who will accept the insurance for medical services. A good friend of mine was Read more >>

Baby Boomers Are Learning The Secret That Income is King

By Bill Broich When was the last time you heard anyone say, “I am not worried about the stock market.” The financial crisis beginning in 2008 still hovers over all of us today. Equities’ sharp drop during the crisis, and their up-and-down ride recently, have encouraged investors to be more cautious with their money. Baby Read more >>

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