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The Federal Government And Their Slow Creep Over Our Lives

By Bill Broich At a speech recently SEC Commissioner Luis A. Aguilar suggested the need for more federal government oversight for the annuity industry. Not the variable annuity industry that the SEC currently regulates but the annuity industry managed by each individual state Department of Insurance (DOL). His decision was based on the amount of [...]

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20 Questions To Ask When Interviewing Annuity Agents

By Bill Broich Finding a competent annuity salesperson is not especially easy. The reason is simple, for many advisors or agents, annuities are a secondary business. Agents specialize in life insurance, long term care insurance and only handle annuities as an add on. Finding a real expert about annuities requires interviewing agents and asking questions. [...]

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The Next Major Annuity Market Is Massive: Women

By Bill Broich It hasn’t even been that long ago women could not vote in America.  Not only that, there was a time when women were considered “property” of their husbands.  In many parts of the world that is still the case.  Fortunately, in America all are equal, well sort of. But guess what?  Women [...]

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The Sherriff In Town Comes To The Rescue

By Bill Broich I like Halloween as do most people.  I love to have the kids come to the door and “trick or treat” especially the little ones.  They are so excited and so am I.  Being scared is no fun ion real life especially the fear of the unknown.  When we look at the [...]

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What Happens To Bonds and Annuities If Interest Rates Rise

Just a simple rate movement over time of 3% (3.25% discount rate) would reduce the actual value of all inforce US Treasuries by as much as 40% of their market value. Think what would happen if interest rates went even higher? Disaster would loom and trillions of dollars would evaporate if these assets were liquidated. Of course there would be a winner: the US Taxpayer. Treasuries would be replaced with a higher earning interest rate bond, but at a far less value a third of its market value of the original bond.

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Sugar Loaf’s Will Be The Most Important Investment Choice For The Next 20 Years.

Just imagine someone saying to you: “Mrs. Jones, how would you like to buy a sugar loaf, this sugar loaf is very unique, when you add sugar to your sugar loaf, the sugar increases but you do not have to ever pay taxes on the sugar the sugar loaf earns. Plus the interest earned on the sugar in your sugar load is fully guaranteed and the sugar loaf itself is also guaranteed. "

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Insider’s Guide To Variable Annuities

The lingering question about the success of variable annuities as a sales vehicle is on the surface difficult to understand. By examining it closely and using the “new car” concept of selling, the focus is on the allure, the new paint, the transformation of us as drivers being behind the wheel and on it goes.

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A Reality Check And The Annuity Bubble

The record stock market gains of 2013 and the market’s ability to ignore everything from poor earnings reports to last April’s announcement of a QE3 decline in Treasury buying should be seen as a new wave of "irrational exuberance."

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