Live Long And Prosper But Not Too Long

By Bill Broich Who doesn’t want to live a long time? As long as a person if healthy, living a long time can be an enjoyable event. The government Office on Aging recently released new research on how long we can expect to live (Mortality Table: ) much longer than was estimated as short Read more >>

Estimating The Future Can A Mistake Unless It Is Guaranteed

By Bill Broich A year or so ago, an article written by stockbroker, Brooks Rhys, made a clear and loud statement, “Don’t Buy Equity Linked Annuities!” I have to laugh at the headline now; Mr. Rhys didn’t even know the correct name of our fabulous product. Mr. Rhys, there is no such thing as equity Read more >>

Baby Boomers Are Embracing Annuities With Open Arms

By Bill Broich World War II ended in 1945 and with it home came millions of soldiers, sailors, and marines. Eager for a new life, these returning GIs married, bought homes and started families. I am a member of that generation, now known as the Baby Boomers. The Baby Boomer generation started in 1946 and Read more >>

Up Down Up Down Up Down

By Bill Broich With the nightly news comes the report on the day’s happenings in our national stock markets. Every day brings what has happened to America’s investments. The movement in the market affects more than 50% of America’s retirement funds. Some days it increases and some days it decreases. Many “experts” will sell you Read more >>

Income Riders Are The “Future”

By Bill Broich Do you remember as a child attending the local county fair and having your future read by “Madam” Zowee? I remember those days well, my first time I was about 8, and I was told I would grow up to play baseball for the New York Yankees! For a kid my age that Read more >>

Variable Annuity Companies May Face Huge Loss Of Revenue

By Bill Broich A recent article mentioned that Credit Suisse was evaluating how the new Department of Labor (DOL) “fiduciary” rule will affect companies depending on variable annuity fee income. The simple fact is this, variable annuities are losing their place in the market and will eventually be a simple add on product instead of Read more >>

10 Solid Reasons To Consider An Annuity For Your Retirement Foundation

By Bill Broich Annuities aren’t for everyone; you have seen me write about that often. But when you are putting together your “bedrock” foundation for your retirement plan, they can be essential to that planning. Think of layering, this about safety and security as your foundation. The very bottom you your foundation is Social Security, Read more >>

DOL And The Three Blind Mice

By Bill Broich The new Department of Labor rule change due in May 2016 will have a devastating effect on the annuity industry, those who sell them and those who buy them. Here is what will be the result of this new exposure with the DOL and the American people. The result will be completely Read more >>

Buy An Annuity And Earn 8%

By Bill Broich I am sure you have seen the ads for these possible rates of returns. In fact, Google to word “Annuity“ and feast your eyes on how much money you can earn by investing in an annuity. Wow, these are very high rates of interest when you consider banks pay 1%, and US Read more >>

New Department Of Labor Forthcoming Rules Redefining Fiduciary Could Be Bad For All

By Bill Broich I have been writing about and watching with great curiosity how the government moves more and more to control most aspects of our lives. The sheer ignorance of the new DOL proposal for new “rules” show a completely deftness towards how we as citizens would even consider living our lives.  Their definition of Read more >>

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