Examine the different types of annuities and see if an annuity is the right fit for your retirement portfolio.

Volatility And Longevity

By Bill Broich That old saying, “the longer you live, the longer you live” seems to be much more pertinent.  As humans, American are living longer which translates to more time in the retirement portion of our lives.  Those of us looking for ways to continue our life style are faced with low interest rates [...]

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Annuities: Love Them Or Hate Them

The Wall Street Journal recently had an article about annuities and why so many people should consider them.  The most significant reason why annuities are not 100% embraced is simple, people think of them as complicated and don’t understand them. David Blanchett makes a great case for why an annuity is important in the article [...]

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Market Volatility: Safety Nets Are Available

Several noted economists and distinguished investors are indicating a bumpy ride ahead for the stock market, not only in America but worldwide. Billionaire investor Carl Icahn, recently offered caution on national news when he declared, “The public is walking into a trap again as they did in 2007.” Most alarming of all is the effect [...]

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Market Volatility Can Be Defeated: Retain or Gain!

The stock market is up, the stock market is down, day after day.  Stress among many people worried about the future is very high. If you have experienced losses in your IRA and are worried about your future retirement options, answer a few questions to determine if the "Gain or Retain" system is for you. [...]

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Billions In Fees Translates to Billions In Lower Retirement Income

With the recent volatility in the stock markets worldwide, concern over the future of many people’s retirement accounts are at the forefront. Volatility as defined in the stock market means to many of us that sleeping well at night is elusive. In the past two days I have had a few calls from my clients [...]

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30 Year Bonds Available Get Them While They Are Hot

Our low interest rate environment may offer opportunity for long term bond investors, or does it? In a recent Bloomberg article regarding recent and large bond offerings, I couldn’t help but notice the mammoth size sale recently sold to fund VISA and their acquisition of VISA Europe. In the scheme of thing, it seems like [...]

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The Zoo: Understanding Bulls, Bears and the Deer

The financial world can seem much like a zoo. Over the years many terms now used derived from animals you may find at the zoo.  The reason is simple, the animal terms are easy for people to relate to.  As an example, a bear hibernates, so if the market is in decline or negativity about [...]

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Fixed Indexed Annuities: Fact or Fiction?

Benjamin Franklin was a very wise man, as a matter of fact; he was one of the first owners of an annuity. Since his time annuities have been intertwined with American history, in many ways they have been a strong core of our country’s financial security. Ben was a wise man and owning an annuity [...]

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Considering a Fixed Indexed Annuity For Your Important Retirement Funds?

Considering an annuity? Not sure exactly what to do, which policy to buy, what benefits to ask for or do you even know what to ask for? Annuities can seem to be very confusing when actually they are rather simple. Would you like to know what questions to ask? Here are basic questions which to [...]

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Secrets Of Variable Annuities

What Your Broker Doesn’t Want You To Know About Variable Annuities By Bill Broich Disclaimer: In the early part of my career, I was licensed to sell variable annuities; I no longer maintain my securities license. The article below is gleaned from a wide array of information available to anyone; all you need to know [...]

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