Examine the different types of annuities and see if an annuity is the right fit for your retirement portfolio.

My Least Favorite Annuity

Variable Annuities are my least favorite of the annuity types. They once served a purpose in the 1980s and 1990s when the stock market was thriving for a longer period than normal, and for high-end earners a good place for non-qualified tax deferred savings. But now, in the current world market, I consider them the least effective annuity, especially for retirement income planning.

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Women, Annuities and the Need to Outsource Retirement Income Management

Let’s face it, if all the market did was go up, the need for annuities would not exist. The reality is the market goes down, sometimes drastically. The 90’s exposed millions to the rewards of investing. The last four years showed the frightening side of the market. The fixed/indexed annuity plays well to people because of its combination of protection and potential.

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Annuity Lie: You Die and the Insurance Company Profits

Here is a secret about insurance companies, a secret that puts everything in perspective. Insurance companies do not make decisions based on individuals; they make decisions based on a large pool of people. Their tool? The Commissioners Standard Ordinary Mortality Table, known as CSO. The statistical table allows insurance companies to know exactly how many people nationally in a specific age group will die. It is not a guess, it is pure science.

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Bond Brokers are Becoming Annuity Salesmen

Selling bonds as an income is ok, but other options are much better and using them does not mean your account can be affected by increasing interest rates, actually the opposite is true. Fixed Indexed Annuities can provide the very income Boomers are looking for and without compensation being charged directly to the Boomer. Plus a variety of options exist especially the BIG one, income can never be outlived.

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Use Color to Make Decisions for Your Retirement Plan

Red money is good for those with a distant time horizon and have the time to regain any losses from a market downward move. You might be asking yourself, “What green money options are there other than cash, checking, saving account, or bank certificate of deposit?”

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Get an Annuity Quote – Some Things to Consider

There are numerous reasons for owning an annuity but the most often considered reason is using an annuity for income. Annuities possess a wonderful feature; an annuity will guarantee income for as long as a person wants, even for an entire lifetime. If you are considering exploring an annuity and are interested in getting an annuity quote, here are a few simple rules.

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Annuities: Just How Long Have They Been Around?

In the United States annuities were first used by The Presbyterian Ministers Association as a retirement income for older ministers and their families. These annuities were funded by the church and were allowed to pass from the head of the household to a surviving spouse. These early vehicles were the foundation for future widows and orphans benefits.

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401(k) Aged Based In-Service Withdrawals Move to Safety

Most 401 (k)s offer investment options such as mutual funds. Investment options in the mutual funds can be stocks or bonds or a combination of both. As we age, providing a layer of safety and security to our 401 (k) seems only prudent. As an option, your 401 (k) will also offer a stable money investment option. These options could include a money market account. The problem with money market accounts is the yield, a yield which may not keep up with inflation.

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How Safe is Your Fixed Indexed Annuity?

Each month, millions of dollars are being moved from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, variable annuities, ETFs, 401(k)s, and CDs into Fixed Indexed Annuities. Why? The number 1 reason is SAFETY. But How safe is Your Fixed Indexed Annuity - are you sure it will provide you with enough income to last as long as you live? Should you trust an indexed annuity with your important retirement funds? What happens if an insurance company were to fail? These and other questions are vitally important and the answers may surprise you.

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