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Why Annuities Are So Important to Baby Boomers

By Bill Broich How much money do we need for retirement?  How much is enough? We have all seen the ads on TV, and the long green line leading to success.  But here is a reality jolt. The Baby Boomer generation is here and we are in force, 10,000 baby Boomers turn 65 each day [...]

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Fixed Indexed Annuity Sales Continue to Soar

Why are FIA making fools of the professional guessers (stockbrokers) who make their living by guessing, guessing what will happen. The answer is quite simple, the driving force behind the FIA explosion are the baby boomers. What do the baby boomers want? Safety, security and stability. What don’t the baby boomers want? Risk, losses, fees and BS.

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What is the color of your money — Red or Green?

Has a financial professional ever asked you what the color of your money is? Many investors are unfamiliar with this terminology. Most individuals have not heard of this because their financial advisers are more interested in discussing the specifics of a certain product rather than how you will benefit from that product. What I see is that focusing on product versus color can have a negative impact on your retirement.

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