Depression And Worry For Baby Boomers

By Bill Broich Finally, I am able to file for my social security retirement income.  It has been a long time coming, so many years of paying in the absolute maximum.  Now I get my check each and every month, Woo Hoo! Along with my new found financial windfall, my doctor informed me I also Read more >>

Is An Annuity Right For You?

By Bill Broich Annuities have been all over the news recently; the US Department of Labor now allows their use in 401 (k) retirement planning. You are now allowed to position 25% of the assets in your 401 (k) into an annuity which offers income and guarantees. The question of course is suitability, is an Read more >>

Evolution of Variable Annuities Doesn’t Mean Improvement

By Bill Broich “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile.”  That slogan was created to modernize the public perception of the Oldsmobile brand.  Old fashioned, big, solid and out of date, that was the image the marketers tried in vain to update.  A faster sleeker model, anything to appeal to the younger car buyer, but in Read more >>

What If You DID Have A Crystal Ball?”

By Rick Hahn Ever wonder how different your life might be if you had made the right investment at the right time? How many cars would you own?  No college loans for your children.   Retirement would be those wonderful “golden” years. What if you knew in advance when the stock market was going to drop Read more >>

The Float, Warren Buffett, Annuities and You

By Bill Broich “Float” is defined as the time delay between a bank check being written and the time funds are deducted from the payer’s account. Once the recipient of a check deposits it in his or her account, the bank immediately credits the account. The assumption is the check payer’s bank will send the Read more >>

FINRA Wants Our Annuity Products

Finra and annuities

The Richer You Are, The Older You Will Be

By Bill Broich Now, here is how I look at this info, other than possible access to a better doctor, what is it the rich have that poorer folks don’t have? Money? But wait, money isn’t the answer; the answer is less worry and having less stress. If you have enough money every month to Read more >>

Fees And Expenses Associated With Variable Annuities

By Jed Mayfield Annuities fall into two different categories, variable annuities are sold by stockbrokers, and fixed rate annuities are sold by insurance agents. Variable annuities are not insurance products, they are actually securities. Money invested in variable annuities is subject market risks as well as fees and expenses.  If you decide to invest in Read more >>

Shaquille O’Neal, A Billion Dollars and Annuities

Shaquille O’Neal protects his large sum of money with annuities. He is left with zero financial fear.

Life Expectancy, Money And Stress

New research about the amount of money you have and longevity.

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