Am I A Senior?

BY Bill Broich Who really are seniors? Does that mean old folks? Does it mean retirees? What is the actual definition of a senior? Here is the definition from Webster’s dictionary: “an elderly person, especially one who is retired and living on a pension.” So those folks who retired early and are living on their Read more >>

Important Questions To Ask Before Buying A Fixed Annuity

By Bill Broich Considering an annuity? Not sure exactly what to do, which policy to buy, what benefits to ask for or do you even know what to ask for?  Annuities can seem confusing when actually they are rather simple. Would you like to know what questions to ask? Here are basic questions which to ask. Read more >>

Insider’s Guide To Variable Annuities

By Bill Broich It has always been fascinating to me why this segment of the securities business has been so successful.  I think it is a testament to the ability of a security salesman to focus on the perceived benefits and only mention the downside in passing.  I know all about the need for transparency Read more >>

A Reality Check And The Annuity Bubble

We have had many “bubbles” over the years. Real estate, stocks, precious metals, mortgages almost anything that can be commoditized, everything except annuities.  Have you ever wondered why?  The answer is simple, annuities are real and exist for real life situations, not some distance and unreachable golden ring.  Take a look at the stock market and Read more >>

Outsource The Liability

By Bill Broich It’s often said that hindsight is 20/20, but sometimes history can be the most experienced teacher. If we can learn from the past, we just might eb able to make decisions based on a more solid footing. Everyone likes a good story but for me a horror story contains many more twist Read more >>

Pros and Cons Of Variable Annuities

By Bill Broich In recent years, annuities have been making a comeback. Having weathered the economic crisis in 2008 with most of their value intact, fixed rate annuities have become the standard for retirement savings that generate income with no risk of loss to the principle. These annuities are designed for modest growth, primarily to Read more >>

How To Use Income Annuities In Retirement Planning

By Bill Broich The nearer you are to retirement, the more pressure you are under to make sure you have a reliable and steady source of income for the remainder of your lifetime. Social security and pensions are part of the equation, but many times they are insufficient to maintain your lifestyle and living conditions. Read more >>

How Fixed Indexed Annuities Work

By Bill Broich Fixed Indexed Annuities are valuable tools for many planning retirement. Along with a company pension and social security, a Fixed Indexed Annuity can provide the basis for guarantees in a retirement plan. Fixed indexed annuities are excellent investments that allow you to enjoy the benefits of interest linked to the market without Read more >>

Depression And Worry For Baby Boomers

By Bill Broich Finally, I am able to file for my social security retirement income.  It has been a long time coming, so many years of paying in the absolute maximum.  Now I get my check each and every month, Woo Hoo! Along with my new found financial windfall, my doctor informed me I also Read more >>

Is An Annuity Right For You?

By Bill Broich Annuities have been all over the news recently; the US Department of Labor now allows their use in 401 (k) retirement planning. You are now allowed to position 25% of the assets in your 401 (k) into an annuity which offers income and guarantees. The question of course is suitability, is an Read more >>

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