Examine the different types of annuities and see if an annuity is the right fit for your retirement portfolio.

Variable Annuities: What You Should Know!

If you are considering the purchase or if you already own a variable annuity make certain you fully understand how they work. Annuities can be a good decision and they can also be your worst nightmare. The difference depends on how the benefits of a variable annuity can benefit you Listed below are 10 things to fully understand before buying a variable annuity.

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Creditor Protection: The Annuity Option

With current bankruptcy laws making it more difficult to qualify for debt relief on still available avenue could be the use of an annuity. In some states the income from an annuity payment is protected from creditors. Each state is different and many states have had these laws come under fire because of lawsuits. It is important to always ask for legal and tax advice when considering using an annuity as a protected asset.

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Don’t Get Stuck With Low Annuity Rates: Manage Your Annuity!

If you have an older annuity it is still possible you may also have an annuity with a surrender penalty in place. How do you move your money to a higher rate of interest and not lose any of your account to these surrender fees?

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Annuity Beneficiary: An Important Decision

Annuities are contracts between an individual and an insurance company. These contracts allow for the naming of a beneficiary in the event of death of the annuitant. Because this is a contract, the beneficiary will receive the value of the annuity without the need of estate probate. The funds are paid immediately as directed by [...]

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Annuity Payouts: Are You Informed About Your Options?

Annuity contracts offer numerous options to receive your accumulated funds as retirement income. Most of these options can be for a specific time period and options can provide you with income for your lifetime or your beneficiary’s lifetime. By understanding how these income options work and what available income can be derived from your annuity [...]

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What is The Best Annuity?

That question is best answered with another question. What is the purpose of the annuity? What would you like it to accomplish for you. Many companies and annuity marketing organizations will tell you about how great their annuity products are and generally their features and benefits are solid and well thought out. The issue isn’t [...]

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Security is Spelled A-N-N-U-I-T-Y

In unsettling times, 1906, 1919, 1929, 1951, 1978, 1982, 1987, 2001 and other years the need for stability becomes important. Stability helps restore confidence is a stress remover and a confidence agent. Fixed annuities provide those features; they are safe, guaranteed, and secure and have no risk. As we accumulate funds for retirement, security, a [...]

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